Expertise in sustainable mergers & acquisitions.

Planning on buying or selling a company? Equit offers advisory services, helping to drive change, make a sustainable impact and improve bottom-line results. Let’s start changing the world together!

Why Equit?

Our 20+ years in this field has resulted in over 40 successful M&A transactions and post-merger integrations. We’re specialized in IT, digitalization, sustainability and professional services – which enables us to combine unique industry knowledge with a wide-ranging expertise in corporate finance.

Areas of expertise.

Through our corporate finance advisory services in the tech, digitalization, and sustainability industry, we want to help you do what you do best! No matter the industry, we want to ensure you get the most out of your M&A strategy.


Equit has a solid background from both small to mid-size tech corporations and global players. And we’ve seen the needs and challenges associated with each step of their development. Every day, we convert these experiences into industry-specific advisory services.


Our advisory services in digitalization have been created through a combination of vast experience and an abundance of passion. In an area where nothing stands still for very long, we ensure to stay ahead of the curve in every way we can – and we love doing it.


Our world won’t survive without brave, innovative thinkers – doing their best to bring forth change. With our advisory services in sustainability, we want to contribute a strategic perspective to what you do. And make sure that you can focus on your end goal.

Our services.

Strategy & Transformation

No one can foresee the future. But we can’t ignore it either. By applying an “always-on” approach to your business environment, we will combine a long-term perspective with a strategy for managing unforeseen events. Our goal is to help you achieve sustainable success – both in strategic decision-making as well as in how you address all types of transformation.

M&A and integration

We always strive to create true value in M&A – throughout the entire lifecycle. Because a truly successful game plan goes beyond money-changing hands. Together, we will ensure that you have a solid strategy to act on and assist you in managing opportunities in your business portfolio over time. More than that, Equit’s services also include post-merger activates and integration.


As a private company founder, we understand that building your business is challenging enough without the added burden of chasing investors for capital. We simplify the process, making raising funds easier and accelerating your exit strategy. Our tailored solutions empower you to secure the capital you need efficiently so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

About Us

We're here to shape the future.

We’re passionate about shaping a more sustainable future for generations to come. And Equit’s way of doing so is through advisory services and investments in the sustainability, digitalization and technology sectors.

And our vision is clear. We do what we do to create a more sustainable planet. We can’t do it all, but we can try our best. And we can support those who share our vision.

Our north star in all of this, the values that guide us, is the fact that we are people with passion – and an unwavering belief in creating a more sustainable planet. For all of us.